Private tour of the exhibition "Synonymous Landscapes"

Thoughts flow on the surface of the world, fluid, they carry with them nature, light, colour, objects and forms, words and things. The artists are shaped by the movements of the world, the ideas walk while staggering, following an invisible trajectory. The lines of force that carry the artists converge towards a place, a residence, a shared space that becomes a place where things combine, come together or move apart. The realities of the world change and become solitary forms, synonymous landscapes.

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Date & Time
Saturday April 22, 2023
11:00 AM 12:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)

Résidence Huet-Repolt

42 rue du relais
1170 Brussels
--Résidence Huet-Repolt--
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Résidence Huet-Repolt

--Résidence Huet-Repolt--

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